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A Rose In Winter
Bantam Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-307-83393-8

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A Rose in Winter was my first book, and will always have a special place in my heart. The romance is strong and bittersweet, but like the very best chocolate, leaves you sighing with pleasure.

Solange and Damon are childhood soulmates separated by the political machinations of two men, each of whom have their own agenda in controlling the fate of Solange. Her father is determined to wed her off to his enemy, the Earl of Redmond, to broker peace. Redmond, however, wants her for a much darker purpose.

Forced to pretend an aversion to the man she loves, Solange is finally reunited with Damon in the most unexpected of ways. She is now a widow, a haunting version of the girl he once knew, and seems to be hiding something that Damon cannot discover. All he knows is that she is determined to flee the estate of her dead husband, and he is helplessly drawn with her on the journey.

Along the way each rediscovers the flame that once united them, slowly, reluctantly, until once again they admit their love for each other. All cannot be well, however, until the secret of Solange's past is uncovered and banished.


Nominated Best First Book by Romantic Times


"Exquisite! This is a fabulously written story. It will engulf you from page one, and you will find it extremely hard to put down. The characters are outstanding. You will be stunned by Solange's endurance. You will sigh with relief when her life is finally renewed. This is a definite must."

"Debut author Shana Abé utilizes a traditional betrayal theme to its best advantage and incorporates a colorful portrait of the era to sweep the reader into a captivating and highly romantic story."
Romantic Times

"A Rose in Winter is a deeply entrancing debut novel by Shana Abé. Reading it was like falling into an Old World Fairytale of beauty and enchantment...the story, the beautiful writing and the complex characters she created captivated me. I stayed up until three in the morning to finish it! Shana Abé is an astonishing new voice in historical romance. She writes with passion and a true gift for storytelling."
—Literary Times

"New author Shana Abé debuts with a wonderfully written medieval rich in detail, characterization and passionate adventure. She skillfully adds some twists to the betrayal theme that make it unique and engrossing. A great first book!"
Old Book Barn Gazette

"Shana Abé's talent at recreating the intrigue and politics of medieval Europe make A Rose in Winter a must read for historical fans of that era. She sustains an air of mystery throughout a tale woven around two lovers who battle to reach their destiny and embraces the reader in their struggles and triumphs."
—CompuServe Romance Reviews