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The Promise of Rain
ISBN-13: 978-0-307-83391-4

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Passion. Mystery. Romantic sunsets on your own enchanted island. Jump in!

In The Promise of Rain, Roland Strathmore, Earl of Lorlreau, finds himself in the unexpected and very unwelcome position of having to hunt down his former fiancée—Lady Kyla Warwick—and her father and brother.

Strathmore is known as the Hound of Hell, King Henry's most infamous warrior, and this is to be his last duty to the king before being allowed to retire to his island earldom. He must return the fleeing family to London so that Kyla's father can stand trial for the brutal murder of her mother.

Kyla knows her father did not, could not have killed her mother, but now the point seems lost. Her father died at the outset of their perilous journey north to Scotland, and when Henry's army attacks and burns the village where she and her brother seek refuge, only Kyla is left to clear her father's name. She blames Strathmore, leader of this army—a man she has never met yet with whom she was supposed to end her days—for the destruction of her entire family.

Roland will stop at nothing to catch her, but Kyla has her own ideas of how to deal with this man who is chasing her, and the intelligence and determination to fulfill them.

The chase will take them both from England to Scotland to England again, London, and finally to Lorlreau: an island that, to the wary eyes of Kyla, seems to be a strange mixture of truth and enchantment.

Neither Roland nor Kyla planned for the passion and love which would become entangled in their unforgettable relationship, nor could they anticipate the inescapable danger which shadows the final outcome to the mystery behind the murders of Kyla's family....


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"Shana Abé writes with intense, unforgettable emotion. A great read!"
New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather

"The Promise of Rain is a rich tapestry of enchanting and romantic characters, enthralling story, and sparkling dialogue.... Once again, Ms. Abé offers the promise of a thoroughly entertaining read. Roland and Kyla's love story won't soon be forgotten. This book is an absolute winner!"
—bestselling author Katherine Sutcliffe

"The Promise of Rain fulfills Ms. Abé's promise as a new writer of great talent whose tales of medieval romance rival those of the old bards. Readers will delight in Kyla and Roland's slowly flowering love and the truly romantic story. This is an author with a shining future."
Romantic Times

"The Promise of Rain is a book that still haunts me even after finishing the final page. Abé's style has come into its own with stunning writing and characters so real I feel I would recognize them if I saw them on the street.

Kyla and Roland make such a strong romantic pairing—both are equal to the tasks laid out for them in this nearly magical tale.... With a strong cast of secondary characters and an Island setting that is like an Elven kingdom come to life, this is a book that promises to capture even more readers for this up and coming author. Abé's writing is unlike any other author's on the market today. With a strong sense of story and character complimented by prose that grips the reader, she is a fabulous, breathtaking change from the ordinary.

A definite keeper! Abé delivers on her promise to entertain and enchant. A must read for romance readers everywhere!"
—Literary Times

"The Promise of Rain is as stirring as the adrenaline coursing through a warrior as he enters a battle. The plot is like a puzzle with intricate pieces. Conflict stalks the protagonists and the reader is caught in the tension along with the characters. Ms. Abé uses the magic of words to transport her readers into the medieval period. The story has the speed of an arrow in flight."

"This second work of Ms. Abé's is just as powerful as her first and most assuredly another keeper."
Heartland Critiques, Gold 5 Stars

"Ms. Abé has created a fascinating novel with mystery, intrigue, and betrayal. Roland and Kyla are complicated characters that enthrall the reader. The dialog simply sparkles, and the secondary characters are imaginative and add a richness to the tale. Another keeper from this talented new author."
Old Book Barn Gazette

"Shana Abé has a talent for telling grand tales filled with high adventure and glorious romance."
—Affaire de Coeur

"Roland and Kyla are fascinating characters who find the road to love strewn with obstacles. This is a terrific love story that is enchanting and shows off the talents of a first rate writer. I found this a fast and furious read and I didn't want it to end! Ms. Abé is an author who paints a spellbinding medieval tale with verve."
Belles & Beaux of Romance

"Ms. Abé brings you an exalted tale of twelfth century England in all its glorious intrigue and romance. Splendid!! 41/2 Bells!"
Bell, Book and Candle

"The Promise of Rain offers the winning combination of endearing characters, a thrilling adventure, and a romance worthy of royalty"

"The Promise of Rain is an action-filled and exciting medieval romance that will exhilarate fans of the sub-genre. The lead protagonists are a delightfully dueling duo, who garner immediate attention and the support cast adds the necessary genuine feel to the plot. The brisk story line never stops moving forward as Shana Abé ably scribes a crowed pleasing historical romance that distinctly demonstrates her vast capabilities."
Painted Rock

"Shana Abé writes a thrilling love story of mystery, passion and betrayal, set mostly on a twelfth century island, with jagged cliffs and waves crashing on the rocks. A wonderful place for romance and intrigue. I give this one two thumbs up."
CompuServe Romance Reviews